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New Business Security Technology You May Want To Know About

Posted May 5, 2016

We now rely on technology with most of the actions that we do and whenever referring to business, the importance of security is vital. In the past few months there were many data breaches that were high profile, with top businesses targeted by hackers from all around the world. We even saw hacking smart homes and building security was compromised in so many cases.

The good news is that security companies from all around the world are now investing heavily in developing new security technologies that would be able to fight cyber crime and even structural problems that do exist. Various companies are now offering state of the art physical security options. While this is definitely something that is advantageous, we do need to focus more on the software related business security technology that is now used since this is the main target for hackers and people that are interested in illegally obtaining data.

We can mention many new technologies but we will focus just on some that gained a lot of attention from the press in the past few months.

SecureDoc 6.4

This is practically data security software capable of encrypting data that is at rest. The newest version of the software is enhanced with the inclusion of BitLocker Management from Microsoft. This addition basically means that data will be encrypted so that unwanted access would not be obtained.

The update in the software makes it really easy to deal with various security problems that can appear with encryption. There is support for the Trusted Computer Group self-encrypting drive standard and WinMagic will allow the user to encrypt data in ways that are completely compatible with advanced storage options used these days and even with common operating systems. All this is possible without the normal hassles that are connected with the use of encryption. Basically all is kept really simple.

CA MAM – CA Mobile Application Management

CA MAM is capable of securing, managing and controlling enterprise level mobile apps by using context-aware control access policies and role-based security levels. Enterprise apps and even data can easily be deployed confidently to personal and corporate devices by using smart containerization. All is powered by the use of app wrapping.

This software is capable of helping the company to control the third party mobile applications and even vendor access. We all know of Target having problems because a third party vendor was hacked, gaining access to data owned by Target. A solution like this software manages identity and vendor authentication, preventing the breach by using limited access and risk assessment.

CipherPost Pro App

This new security software will allow the business to extend the cloud based encryption on Windows Phone 8 offered by AppRiver. We have an app that will integrate perfectly with the offerings that Microsoft has right now. This does include Office 365 and Exchange. We have an extra security layer that will allow the enterprise and the user to track, read, create and even reply to messages that are encrypted on tablets and smartphones.

Article written by Veselina Dzhingarova, building security specialist and supporter of Global Security Products, for

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