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Custom 3D Printed Insoles

Posted January 29, 2016

BASE by Wiivv is a custom, 3D printed insole that uses a smart phone to capture your feet. It is engineered to maximize comfort, promote alignment and lessen fatigue. Your pair of insoles will closely follow your unique foot curves to give you the support and stability that you need. To customize your pair of insoles and get measured, all you need is 5 minutes and a smartphone.


In a kinematic analysis for custom insoles were seen to help spread the impact force of walking and running activities to areas best suited for absorption. Specially designed heel cup delivers optimum stability, shock absorption and comfort. The “hole in the heel cup” design was created in collaboration with pedorthic experts to reduce heel raise.


Reduced heel raise is a key feature that allows users of BASE insoles to keep the built-in or removable insoles of their current footwear. The ¾ shell delivers biomechanical neutrality, lessens pressure on the forefoot, and offers better stability.


It has so far raised more than $155 thousands on Kickstarter, from more than 1900 backers, with 7 days to go before the campaign ends. Those backing this campaign are promised delivery date of April 2016. It goes for $60 right now.



Source: Kickstarter

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