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Tiny Bluetooth Sensor

Posted January 28, 2016

MetaWear CPRO is a tiny, coin-cell powered, Bluetooth Low Energy Sensor Platform with an SDK so you can program it wirelessly using your smartphone. It measures acceleration, force, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure, altitude, and temperature.


The SDK lets you easily download/view data, control the device, and create complex data filters or triggers based on sensor data.


The CPRO board is based on the nRF51822 SOC from Nordic built around an ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU and Bluetooth Low Energy. Additional sensors can be attached via the general purpose I/O pins. There is also an LED and push button switch on the board. It has on board flash memory (for 15,000 sensor data entries) so you can log sensor data and download it to your phone later. The battery lasts up to several months on a single CR2032 coin cell.


The open-source mobile SDKs expose all the sensors and peripherals in an intuitive way, so your App can easily:

  • Read temperature data
  • Notify on freefall
  • Log gyroscope data at 800Hz
  • Stream accelerometer data at 200Hz
  • Sound an alarm when a button is pressed
  • Adjust the volume of your Bluetooth speaker when the MetaWear is shaken


  • A low-power, ARM M0 Core (Nordic nRF51822)
  • 126kB Flash memory, 16kB SRAM
  • On-board memory for logging sensor data (up to 15K entries)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Pre-certified Taiyo Yuden module)
  • Indicator LED
  • BOSCH Pressure and Temperature sensor with redundant Thermistor
  • 9-axis combo sensor from BOSCH with accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope
  • LITE-ON Ambient light sensor
  • 1 PWM pin, I2C, and 4 Analog/Digital GPIOs
  • Battery and Power-management circuitry (lasts up to 1 year on a single coin-cell CR2032)
  • Over-the-air programmable and updatable
  • Smartphone controlled and programmed
  • 24mm in diameter x 3mm in height with battery

It has so far raised more than $15 thousands on Kickstarter, from nearly 202 backers, with 28 days to go before the campaign ends. Those backing this campaign are promised delivery date of March 2016. It goes for $55 right now.



Source: Kickstarter



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