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Razzmatazz: The Ultimate Home for the Raspberry Pi 2

Posted January 28, 2016

An all-aluminium Raspberry Pi case designed to work as a giant passive Heatsink for controlling the CPU and the chipset temperatures.


The Razzmatazz is machine cut with extreme precision from hardened blocks of industrial strength aluminum designed to stay solid longer.

The primary design focus of the Razzmatazz was pure quality with graceful form and outstanding functionality, the development team explains.  The case is curated from a single solid block of hardened aluminum. It’s cut using high precision machines. It’s not stamped out like most cases but is made to maximize the heatsink efficiency and its robustness. It’s then treated and anodized in black to give it a resilient gorgeous finish. Team hand checks every piece to make sure it’s flawless.

The Razzmatazz has a significant advantage when a used with an overclocked Raspberry Pi.   Running Pi overclocked (sometimes with core frequencies up by 50%) increases the operating temperature of the CPU and the chipset and can have undesirable effects. High temperatures also reduce the device lifetime. However the Razzmatazz acts as a giant heat sink that can control the CPU temperature and safeguard the device from heat and fault outs.

Team did controlled lab experiments on the Raspberry Pi with and without the Razzmatazz.  According to the results, the Razzmatazz encased Raspberry Pi’s overall temperatures decreased significantly (in some cases by up to 30 °C)  allowing for a substantial increase in performance while maintaining a reasonable operating temperature.

Source: Kickstarter

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