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Wireless Air Mouse

Posted January 25, 2016

Gestor is an air computer mouse, that can be used in without any surface with any computer and any device that supports a traditional USB mouse. The key innovation is tilting or rotating, that is used for scrolling or zooming the screen content.1-a19cbb6bcd52edb338427963a60bd9ae_original

It has three “rings”, that are touch sensitive. The lower ring or control ring (pictured black on the picture) is the equivalent of “turn on/off” button. When it is touched by any of the fingers, Gestor is awake and operational. When it is not touched, Gestor is asleep.


Rotating Gestor enables you to smoothly scroll up and down, or zoom in and out, depending on the application. When it goes into such scrolling or rotation mode, the mouse functions are frozen and the cursor is not moving.


You don’t need to point it to a screen, just visually align a cursor on the screen with your hand and use Gestor the way most suited for your current body position. Gestor is really not larger than a marker.


It comes with an USB stick, that is preconfigured and paired with each Gestor. When you plug in the USB gestor stick, the computer or other media interface accepts it as a conventional, wired mouse.

The project campaign is on the Kickstarter and is almost funded. Early bird prices are gone, but backers can get one with a pledge of $75 CAD. Shipping is estimated to start in Jun of 2016.


Source: Kickstarter 

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