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Trackable Smart Wallet

Posted January 25, 2016

Ekster Wallets offer RFID blocking smart wallets with the fast card access with a click of the button and a two-way tracking feature prevents from losing your wallet or phone.


The tracker inside your wallet synchronizes seamlessly with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Using the app to connect to your wallet, you can use the map function to locate or ring your wallet or ring your phone using your wallet. The tracker battery lasts up to 6 months and is rechargeable using the slim usb charger that is hidden in a wallet.


The RFID/NFC blocking smart wallets protect your cards from wireless skimming and private data theft. The protection is for 5 cards and room for more cards is in the removable multi-purpose strap.




The Kickstarter project is already funded and early bird prices are gone.

Source: Kickstarter

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