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TotalEmotion to revolutionize digital user interaction with emotion analysis software

Posted January 18, 2016

TotalEmotion today announced the release of the company’s Emotion Analysis software, which enables everyday devices to become emotion intelligent sensors. The technology enables smarter devices – whether by empowering mobile developers with the ability to integrate emotional intelligence in their apps, allowing automotive makers to develop anti-fatigue systems for driver safety, or giving digital content providers the power adapt their message based on audience reaction. The emotion analysis platform identifies anonymous users emotional state by analysing their facial expressions.

“Emotions are a window to the mind, and facial expressions are the interface by which we detect those emotions. Technology providers are familiar with the importance of user engagement, but imagine how more powerful that engagement could be if you knew a user’s emotional state as they interact with your device or service” said Padraig O’Leary, Founder and CEO of TotalEmotion. “Any interaction that takes into account how a user is feeling will be so much richer than anything which is traditionally offered. Our goal at TotalEmotion is to revolutionise user interaction.”

Totalemotion software using state of the art computer vision algorithm to analyses facial expressions and has a multitude of applications. Video content creators can use the technology to measure the effectiveness of their content on different demographic audiences in different locations around the world. A simple weblink can be sent to uses around the globe and through a browser we can gather the facial analytics. Software developers can use the lightweight easy to integrate TotalEmotion SDK to get real time facial expression data, tailoring system behavior based on users emotional state. Automotive suppliers can use the technology to detect driver fatigue by capturing blink rate to warn of the onset of fatigue.

The technology behind this is proprietary real-time emotion analysis software that adheres to privacy by design principles. TotalEmotion doesn’t record images, video or collect any personal information. TotalEmotion is being initially released for Windows PC and Ubuntu Linux and requires only an Internet connection and a device with integrated camera. Android and iOS versions will quickly follow.

Source: TotalEmotion

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