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ICFP Programming Contest

Posted December 11, 2015

icfp_smallEach year, ICFP sponsors a fun and challenging three-day programming competition a few months before the conference. The winners of the contest are announced at ICFP.

The ICFP Programming Contest is an international programming competition held annually around June or July since 1998, with results announced at the International Conference on Functional Programming.

Teams may be of any size and any programming language(s) may be used. There is also no entry fee. Participants have 72 hours to complete and submit their entry over the Internet. There is often also a 24-hour lightning division.

The winners reserve “bragging rights” to claim that their language is “the programming tool of choice for discriminating hackers”. As such, one of the competition’s goals is to showcase the capabilities of the contestants’ favourite programming languages and tools. Previous first prize winners have used Haskell, OCaml, C++, Cilk, Java and F#.

The contests usually have around 300 submitted entries.

Source: Wikipedia

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