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Volvo introduces ‘delivery to the car’ service to reduce Christmas shopping stress

Posted November 27, 2015

Have you already planned you Christmas shopping? Maybe some of the presents are already on their way to your home? A lot of us will shop online. Now Volvo and partners have launched the world’s first commercially available in-car delivery service. It will allow getting your online shopping directly to your car‘s trunk.

Delivery personnel will get a one-time access to the car using electronic key. It is safe and very convenient procedure. Image credit:

Delivery personnel will get a one-time access to the car using electronic key. It is safe and very convenient procedure. Image credit:

This is not entirely unique system as Audi has been talking about a similar solution. However, this is real and commercially available. The goal, as Volvo says, is to eradicate some of the hassle from Christmas time. It is very joyful time, although very busy and difficult. Parking spaces by shopping malls are rare, shops are crowded and shopping is often accompanied by stress. With this new service you will just one day drive home with your order completely hassle-free.

The delivery system relies on the use of digital key, which works for one time only. Procedure is as simple as always – owners of Volvo’s order things online, choose delivery to the car as an option and one day get the notification that delivery has been completed. Delivery person will get a one-time access to your vehicle only, which means that system is very safe.

Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President for Marketing, Sales and Service at Volvo, said: “Christmas is fun – but let’s be honest, it is also a busy time for most families. This service simply makes shopping easier. Volvo In-car Delivery provides concrete proof that connected car technologies can be used to save people time and make their lives easier”.

However, currently there are limitation to this project. First of all, only a couple of companies partnered with Volvo, which means that only a very limited amount of online stores will deliver to the car. Secondly, the service now is geographically confined to Gothenburg only, although soon should be available across Sweden and in other countries as well. Finally, owners must be subscribed to Volvo On Call service and not everyone will like that.

However, it is an innovative solution to delivery of online shopping. Although system still needs a fair bit of development and more partners, in the near future it will be saving time and energy for a lot of Volvo drivers. Furthermore, if it proves to be successful and popular, it is likely that other automotive companies will introduce similar services as well.

Source: Volvo

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