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Is it worth to upgrade to Android 6.0?

Posted November 27, 2015

There are two major players in the world of operating systems meant for smartphones and tablets. These two are found within the confines of iOS and Android. Outside of these two, you’re not going to find a lot of options. If you haven’t picked up this option, you most likely are going to see it spring up on your phone depending on the settings. The latest option for Android users is coming through and it is called Marshmallow. There are several changes and updates given to this, and if you’re not focusing on them, they will no doubt catch you by surprise. With that in mind, consider the following breakdown of the pros, cons, main features, and some notes on why you may want to update sooner, than later.

Main Features

Overall, you’re not going to see a huge jump here. Android updates don’t usually jump the proverbial shark. They are meant to complement the things that you are doing well, and help you move forward in the right direction overall. With that in mind, you’re going to see that the main features here are definitely worth your while. From the overall design and UI changes, to the subtle speed boost you receive, you’re going to find that there’s a lot to love here. The UI has gotten a bit of a tweak, and while everything looks similar, it’s been updated for sure. The lock screen got a quick update, shortcuts have been implemented, and the voice commands are now even more crisp overall.

During the development of this update, a great deal when into the way your apps hung out on screen. Now, there are a lot of apps that allow for less swiping and isolation depending on the use. The “app drawer” will now be easier to move along with, dragging, dropping, installing, and uninstalling elements within a bit more convenience in mind.

Worth Updating?

It’s definitely worth updating. However, you may not have a choice in the matter. Most Android devices today have settings that focus on pushing the update on you without consent. Unless you’ve changed the settings up yourself, you may not be able to avoid this. Overall, there’s a lot of positives to consider, and weigh out, albeit not without cons.

Easy Updating – The update is easy to install and run with.

Easier App Management – The app management is much easier, faster paced, and allows for navigation between heavy use apps and those you don’t.

Animations are Crisp – The animations have been rendered bettered, easier to manage, and definitely a highlight worth noting with this update.

Cons To Consider

What Changes? – Some users noted that the updates don’t seem drastic, and therefore no changes are in place.

Flappy Bird – Some people didn’t like the “Flappy Bird” Easter egg that can be picked up by going through the “Android Version” section.

Final Thoughts

If you’re already using Android, this is not a big update. If you’re not used to it, because you’re coming from an IOS device, then perhaps that’s going to be something to consider. Whatever the case is, you’ll find that there’s a lot to work with here, and definitely something for everyone that wants to work with Android. The updates that the OS gets, aren’t drastic in nature, but they improve functionality, streamline app management, and allow you to do more with your phone and tablet. Is this a vital update? Maybe not. But it’s free for those that already have an Android device, and in most cases, it’s automatic in nature. You may not even notice that it has been updated overall, which is something to consider as well.


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