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Raspberry Pi Zero – $5 Computer

Posted November 26, 2015

Raspberry Pi Zero is a very capable tiny PC with a size of 65 x 30 x 5mm, which costs just $5. It features:

  • A Broadcom 1GHz ARM11 core processor
  • 512MB of LPDDR2 SDRAM
  • A micro-SD card slot
  • A mini-HDMI socket for 1080p60 video output
  • Micro-USB sockets for data and power
  • An unpopulated 40-pin GPIO header
  • An unpopulated composite video header

That Broadcom processor is 40% faster than the original Raspberry Pi 1. Raspberry Pi Zero runs Raspbian and all your favourite applications, including Scratch, Minecraft and Sonic Pi.


The Raspberry Pi Foundation started working on the Zero at the beginning of 2015. Although a $25-$35 price point still forms a high barrier to entry for some people. The Foundation is trying to remove this barrier worldwide and to help these people take the plunge.


It is available in the UK at element14, The Pi Hut and Pimoroni, and in the US from Adafruit and in-store at your local branch of Micro Center.



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