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High-tech Gadgets for Gardeners

Posted November 25, 2015

Gardening isn’t always an easy task. It takes dedication, time and know-how. Thankfully technology is making it easier for everyone to become great gardeners. Below are a few products to get you started:

Parrot Flower Power

Not everyone has a green thumb that lends itself to successful gardening. The Parrot Flower Power fixes that problem by monitoring your plants and then alerting you, via a smartphone app, the steps you need to take to keep your plants happy and healthy. Parrot Flower Power monitors the following: sunlight, temperature, fertilizer and moisture. It can be used indoors or outdoors and sells for about $50.

Husqvarna Automower

This robotic grass cutter has the ability to maintain a half acre yard regardless of weather conditions. It also communicates with your smartphone so you will always know where it is and what it is doing. Of course, users can control it from their smartphones, too. The NiMH battery can be completely charged in 45 minutes, which will allow you to get your robot back to work with very little downtime.

The Garden Defense Electronic Owl

Pests don’t like owls, but the standard static plastic garden owl rarely scares pests away. Enter the Garden Defense Electronic Owl. This mock Great Horned owl senses pests and uses sound, sight, and noise to keep yards pest free. It’s a simple chemical-free and environmentally-friendly pest control system that runs on AA batteries. The Garden Defense Electronic Owl sells for around $35 at big box stores.

Niwa ONE

The Niwa ONE was built to provide people a way to grow fresh vegetables inside their home year round. The hydroponic gardening system is compact and aesthetically pleasing, which also makes it a great for smaller dwellings. The Niwa ONE is one of the smartest gardening gadgets available. It not only talks to smartphones, it takes the guesswork out of gardening by telling growers exactly what to do and when to do it. You don’t even need to be home to care for your crops as everything can be controlled from a remotely. Niwa is currently available for pre-order.

Solar-powered Glowing Pots

Solar pots harness their power via a small solar panel that is placed in the yard. A cord connects the pot to its power source. Run times vary, but you can find pots that get as much as eight hours from one charge. For a little added pizazz in your yard, look for solar pots that have colorful LED lights and pair them with seasonal flowers or plants that complement those lights. Solar pots can be pricey, so shop around to find the pots that best suits your needs.

Skydrop Smart Watering Sprinkler Controller

You will make your smart home much smarter by adding a Skydrop watering system to your arsenal of smartphone controlled home devices. This Watersense certified yard device follows local weather reports and takes measurements of your yard to determine how much water it really needs. It then uses the data it has gathered to water your yard. The Skydrop can manage eight watering zones and can be expanded to 16 total watering zones. It sells for $279.


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