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Graava: The Self-Editing Action Camera

Posted November 23, 2015

The Go-Pro, representing a revolutionary turning point for the action-camera industry, allows you to capture your every move in high-definition video. If you’re diving off of a 100-foot cliff in Costa Rica, deep-sea diving in Australia or back-mountain skiing in the Alps, the Go-Pro is right there to record every adrenaline-filled moment. What the Go-Pro lacks, however, is the ability for easy editing. A young startup company by the name of Graava has seemingly fixed this frustrating problem.

Graava uses artificial intelligence in its action-camera to do all of your editing for you. The aesthetic of the device is similar to that of the Go-Pro: it is a keychain-sized gadget available in a black, white, or orange plastic shell. Clipping it on to your helmet, handlebars or anywhere else you can think of, this nifty device records everything in your direct line of sight in 1080p video at 30 frames per second. During filming, Graava gathers information from multiple locations that include an accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensor, GPS, and a handful of other sensors. Using these sensors, the device can even read a quickened heart rate picked up by your Apple Watch in order to tip Graava off to exciting moments buried deep in the footage.

Graava’s founders realized that an unusual sight or smell can trigger sensory spikes indicating memories our brains would normally record. The camera uses these sensory spikes to rate the events in the footage then differentiate them from the “normal” moments. There is also a feature that allows you to say “Graava” when you want the camera to flag a specific moment that it may not catch.

Imitating the way human memory works, Graava uses auto-editing to turn a three hour overnight hiking trip into a highlight reel of the best 25 minutes filled with cliff diving, scaling rock faces, and campfire festivities. The device isn’t necessarily self-sufficient. A quick drag-and-drop editing bar allows you to delete insignificant parts of the trip while keeping the ones you find interesting.

There is a free app that accompanies the camera in order to share videos. Graava will even edit your piece to tailor it to specific social media platforms such as Vine or Instagram – which have a six- and fifteen-second time limit, respectively.   

Unfortunately, Graava isn’t perfect and has its limitations. Firstly, the battery only lasts three hours. While this is actually 30 minutes longer than that of a Go-Pro, Graava continues to research ways to increase it.

With a pre-order price tag of $249 the new device will surely hit the market running. The company is hoping its improved action-camera’s capability to self-edit will encourage the masses to check it out and purchase the device and it is set to release in February 2016 at a baseline price of $399.

Written by Hobbs Karg

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