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Super Sleek Personal Aircraft

Posted November 16, 2015


A private aircraft manufacturer Cobalt Aircraft launched fully-certified its first models: Co50 Valkyrie and Valkyrie-X. The CO50 Valkyrie places an extra ‘canard’ wing at the front and a single-piston propellor at the back of the aircraft.


That extra canard at the front provides extra lift to make sure that even if a pilot gets into trouble, the plane can fly unaided for long enough to prevent it from stalling in the air.


It has an ability to travel up to 260 knots as opposed to the typical 242 knots of other single engine piston aircraft. Cobalt’s Valkyrie is the fastest single engine piston plane in its category.


The Valkyrie’s propulsion engine is located in the rear of the plane, allowing for a quiet, comfortable cabin with visibility of a 320-degree view. An onboard parachute is also provided for an additional sense of security.


The Valkyrie comfortably seats five people, including the pilot, with ample storage for golf clubs, skis and suitcases.


Additional specs:

  • Turbocharged 350HP, retractable, IFR-capable
  • Oxygenized non-pressurized
  • Cruise range: 1050 nautical miles (nmi) with NBAA IFR reserves
  • Customization: Interior and exterior are fully customizable upon request
  • Exact dimensions: 30 feet long x 30 feet wide x 10 feet high

Valkyrie-X starts at $595,000, no money down, and with an estimated production period of six months, and Co50 Valkyrie will start at $699,000, with a $15,000 deposit. The Co50 will be ready by summer 2017.


Source: Cobalt Aircraft

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