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The Nordic Built Cities Challenge

Posted November 6, 2015

The Nordic Built Cities Challenge consists of six independent competitions, in which six Nordic cities are looking for innovative and multidisciplinary solutions to urban challenges connected to a specific urban space.


Competition details and criteria for selecting the urban challenges connected to an urban space

The competitions are launched 7 October 2015 and the deadline for submitting solutions is 17 December 2015. Local juries will select up to four finalists from each competition that receive 300.000 NOK and the possibility to develop their solution further in collaboration with the project owner.

All the competition programmes on this website are unofficial versions only. Please see in the competition programme where to find the competition portal for downloading the official competition programme and submitting your competition entries.

All frontrunners within technology, construction, ICT, urban planning, architecture, transportation, housing, smart city, energy, social entrepreneurship and beyond – students, startups or large established companies – are invited to submit their proposal to the Nordic Built Cities Challenge.

Nordic Innovation will invite the finalists from the six competition to register for the Nordic Built Cities Challenge Awards (the NBCCA), where Nordic prizes of 1.200.000 NOK in total will be awarded.

An important aspect of the NBCCA is to encourage collaboration across disciplines and Nordic country borders. To enable the formation of multidisciplinary Nordic teams, Nordic Innovation is inviting potential participants to a Nordic Matchmaking Event at Arlanda, Stockholm, 5 November 2015. This is the perfect opportunity to meet likeminded people, find collaboration partners and get inspiration. The event is free of charge, and attendees are offered the possibility to get their travel costs reimbursed.

Competition background

The background for the Nordic Built Cities Challenge is the unprecedented urbanization that characterizes the 21st century. Resource scarcity, climate change and population increase pose challenges to the cities of the world. The situation creates a global market for innovative solutions for our urban environment – and the overall aim of the Nordic Built Cities Challenge is to contribute to the development and visualization of Nordic innovative solutions for liveable, smart and sustainable cities.

The Nordic Built Cities Challenge is a part of Nordic Built Cities – a lighthouse programme in the Nordic Co-operation Programme for Innovation and Business Policies 2014-2017. Denmark is lead country for the programme and responsible for its implementation in cooperation with the four other Nordic governments, the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Innovation. Nordic Innovation is also responsible for the design and management of the Nordic Built Cities programme.

About Nordic Innovation

Nordic Innovation is an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers working to promote cross-border trade and innovation. Our mission is to generate increased value creation through cross-border co-operation – contributing to the Nordic countries as a world-leading region for innovation and sustainable growth.

Source: Nordic Built Cities

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