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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF)

Posted October 29, 2015

intel.web.720.405Each year, approximately 7 million high school students around the globe develop original research projects and present their work at local science competitions with the hope of making it to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a program of Society for Science & the Public. Only the best and brightest—nearly 1,700 winners of local, regional, state, and national competitions—are invited to participate in this week-long celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math. At the event, these young innovators share ideas, showcase cutting-edge research, and compete for more than USD 5 million in awards and scholarships.

Rewarding Scientific Discovery and Innovation

At Intel ISEF, awards are based on students’ abilities to tackle challenging scientific questions, use authentic research practices, and create solutions for the problems of tomorrow.

Awards include:

  • The Gordon E. Moore Award
    This “best of the best” honor and a prize of USD 75,000 is awarded to the top Best of Category winner for outstanding and innovative research, as well as the potential impact of the work.
  • The Intel Foundation Young Scientists Award
    Two Gordon E. Moore Award runners-up, selected from the Best of Category winners, are awarded USD 50,000 each.
  • The Dudley R. Herschbach SIYSS Award
    Three finalists are selected to receive all-expenses-paid trips to attend the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS), including attendance at the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Sweden. Recipients must be 18 years old prior to the Nobel ceremony in December.
  • Intel ISEF Best of Category Awards
    Best of Category projects, selected from the competition’s 17 categories, receive USD 5,000 awards from the Intel Foundation. USD 1,000 grants are awarded to the winners’ schools and the affiliated fairs they represent. Best of Category winners become eligible for the Gordon E. Moore and Intel Foundation Young Scientist Awards.
  • Intel ISEF Grand Awards
    The Intel Foundation provides Grand Awards for first, second, third, and fourth places in each category. Awards are USD 3,000, USD 1,500, USD 1,000, and USD 500, respectively.

Source: Intel

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