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Smart Bracelet Displays Images, Slideshows And App-notifications

Posted October 12, 2015

Eyecatcher is a smart bracelet that fuses art, fashion and technology by displaying custom images, slideshows, app-notifications and news. It has 5 inch display that is always on.1-11-9ad2b4756259c7e7ad4bbf7028b8872d_original

The bracelet has no buttons and is controlled through it’s iOS app, which connects using a Bluetooth Low Energy. You can pick the images to display by downloading them to bracelet, which has 8Mb of built in flash memory that allows a slideshow of 12 images. You can choose to display notification from different sources: activity tracking stats, barcodes, calendar, moving map, text messages, news, stock notifications. A 100mAh micro USB rechargeable lithium battery will last up to 1-year on a single charge.11-4944069934673074ba7e06d6526aad91_original

The project campaign is on the Kickstarter and already raised $75,000 to start mass production. The early bird prices are gone, but if you wish, you can get it for $239. An estimated delivery is on Feb of 2016.



Source: Kickstarter

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