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Sensor Transforms Anything Into A Musical Instrument

Posted October 12, 2015

Mogees is a sensor that transforms anything into a musical instrument. You can attach it to the object and play. The sensor captures every vibration you create as you play any object to which it is attached.

You can create your own bespoke instrument or MIDI controller using a gesture recognition technology, by recording a few examples of taps and associating each of these with a different sound or MIDI note.


Your gestures can trigger different MIDI notes and control any synth or effect. Control a reverb effect by hitting the side of a drum.


The app is compatible with any device running iOS 8 or later including iPhone 4S and above or iPad 2 and above.


  • Software download and registration codes for iOS & Mac and Windows
  • Mogees vibration sensor
  • 3.5mm TRRS to 6.5mm TS jack adapter
  • Flight case
  • Quick start guide
  • 2 x re-washable adhesive pads

Software Specifications 

  • Smartphone application for iOS 8+
  • VST & Audio Unit plugin for Mac OSX 10.7, Windows
  • 3 different sound engines
  • Gesture recognition technology
  • Audiobus & Inter-App Audio compatibility
  • MIDI Compatibility

The project campaign is on the Kickstarter and already raised £20,000 to start mass production. The early bird prices are gone, but backers can get one with a pledge of $95. Shipping is estimated to start in Nov of 2016.

Source: Kickstarter


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