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e-Shower – 70% Less Water and feels twice as good!

Posted October 12, 2015

According to the inventors of e-Shower, this device has potential to revolutionize the water saving industry. This innovative device doesn’t just restrict the flow: it modifies and improves the water delivery using unique venturi system.


Novel aeration technique delivers an air bubble covered in water. In a normal shower most of the water that hits your body bounces off, while with an e-Shower when the air bubble hits your skin it ‘pops’ causing an impressive cleaning effect. That’s the difference.

eShower_Diamond_longarme-Shower draws tiny jets of air inside, forces the water into extreme turbulence inside the shower head and in this way aerates the water with minuscule air bubbles. It works because the microscopic air bubbles inside water droplets increase the effective water surface, so causing less water usage for the same shower experience.


According to the developers, e-Shower boosts the same water saving benefits, reducing water usage by up to 70%, consequently reducing the water bill. Team also says the device is almost entirely hassle-free, requires virtually no cleaning as clogs do not form due to the turbulence of air. As misting showers use smaller holes to get similar misting effect, due to the same reason they are highly prone to clogging caused by hard water.

Source: Kickstarter

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