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Digital Skills Simulator For Technical Candidates

Posted October 2, 2015

The typical job interview is both expensive and inefficient, which involve tasks like coding an abstract algorithm in 15 minutes, have very little connection to what engineers actually spend their time doing — which is debugging and analyzing existing code. Such job interviews don’t expose the best candidate certain credentials.

Lytmus is working on so called “digital skills simulator for techies”. It’s an environment where hiring managers can see candidates operating inside of a web-based virtual machine, with an IDE, web browser, sample code and files and a standard problem prompt. This kind of interviews are using real engineering tasks. The platform provides real, running application environments like Django, Rails, Android and others.

Digital skills simulator allows to go way beyond coding challenges. Candidates will have to deal with existing code and work on a software’s design problems in real-time. The company will collect logs of data so that hiring managers and recruiters can look in afterward to see how candidates did. The high-signal reports gives detailed insights with data visualization and video playback.


This technical assessment platform allows to find people who are really good regardless of where they’ve come from.


Source: Lytmus

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