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Video Stabilization Technology

Posted September 15, 2015

SteadXP is video stabilization technology that delivers 3 axis stabilization. The device is  compatible with nearly all digital cameras, including GoPro®*, DSLRs and cinema cameras. The built in accelerometer and gyroscope, lets your camera’s movements to be accurately recorded as you shoot. As your camera records unstabilized video, in the same time the device saves all camera movements.


[email protected] fits inside GoPro®* waterproof case

Software will automatically upload, extract and process datas to compensate for any unintentional movements and will suggest you to choose between different trajectories already optimized for your shot, resulting in different typical looks.

An advantage of this technology compared to 100% software solutions is fast processing.

Tech Specs

  • powerfull 32 bit ARM processor,
  • 3 axis gyroscope,
  • 3 axis accelerometer,
  • microSD card slot (FAT16 / FAT32 class 4 min: 32 GB max),
  • USB connectivity (Mass Storage Device)


There are developed 2 versions of SteadXP, made specifically for GoPro®* cameras, and SteadXP+ is designed to fit almost any other video camera.

SteadXP+ is a 60 grams accessory compatible with nearly all pro and semi-pro cameras. It requires:

  • an accessible flash mount (standard coldshoe),
  • a stereo microphone input,
  • and a clean video output (AV Out or HDMI).





The project campaign is on the Kickstarter, and already reached its funding goal $150.000.



Source: Kickstarter

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