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Can’t Live Without Technology? 6 Vehicles You Will Love

Posted September 9, 2015

Whether you love to stay connected, crave convenience or simply enjoy bells and whistles on your vehicle, there are several options to satisfy your inner tech geek. If you are in the market for a vehicle, consider these technology-savvy options:

Nissan’s Versa Note

Want high-end technology, but also an affordable car? With a base price of $19,300, the Note has an AroundView monitor that allows a series of cameras to rest on the outside of this subcompact car. This is particularly helpful for tight parking spaces. With a dashboard-mounted screen, you have the ability to anticipate and correct within seconds. Advanced technology provides several other bonuses, including making this a fuel-efficient, smooth driving and spacious compact car.

Honda Fit EX-L

Do you somehow manage to get lost even when you are following the directions your smartphone’s GPS is giving you? The Honda Fit EX-L has state-of-the-art navigation with built-in voice recognition to make it convenient for you to be solely in control. There’s also a small camera mounted on the passenger side to avoid any blind spot issues.

Toyota Prius

Toyota’s flagship hybrid vehicle offers fuel efficiency and advanced technology features. If you are a techy, you will love the adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, lane assist and a entertainment system. If you love to be green, then the solar roof will appeal to your environmental side. Try out the top-of-the-line features for yourself and test drive a Prius.

Audi A3

Looking for a car with 4G LTE connectivity? The Audi A3 has it. Want to access Google Earth or Google Street View? You are able to access and zoom into these destinations with Google from a small touchpad that also allows you to write down names and addresses. For on-the-road entertainment, the Audi A3 infotainment system offers drivers all of the standard music options plus Internet radio stations.

Mercedes-Benz S550

Do you have an unlimited budget and want all the bells and whistles you can imagine? Check out the Mercedes-Benz S550. It has a large LCD dashboard with LED lights that features everything from climate to audio to entertainment to navigation functions. You can even access Wi-Fi from the convenience of your car with the Mercedes S550’s built-in hotspot. If you enjoy indulging in luxury items, you will love the massage option on the seats as well as the cabin fragrance feature, which lets you smell perfumes with a touch of a button.

Tesla Model S

If you want to feel connected to your car and to the Internet at the same time, the Tesla Model S has a 17-inch touchscreen on its dashboard that provides full access to the Internet and an inside look into how the car is functioning. The Tesla Model S video display is on all the time, which is a feature not present in other vehicles.


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