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Sit-to-Stand Desk

Posted September 7, 2015

Perch is sit-to-stand desk designed to be the most customizable and affordable desk. A split-level shelf technology allows a  two different sized monitors, to be at eye level.


The surface has subtle and easy to use handles that make adjusting your desk easy and comfortable.


It will fit any height, measure (while standing) the height of your elbow bent at 90 degrees to the ground, then find the height on this image to know the perfect height setting for you while standing at your Perch desk.


These measurements show at what height your elbows would be for each available desk height. The measurement is taken from the ground and is based on your Perch desk resting on a 29” desk.


The project campaign is fully funded on the Kickstarter and reached its goal of $20.000, you can order it by backing this project, an estimated delivery is on Feb of 2016.


Source: Kickstarter 


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