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Thin Ice: The Very First Weight-Loss Clothing Line

Posted August 19, 2015

Thin Ice promises to be the world’s first ever weight loss clothing line capable of burning 500-1000 calories per day. The creator of the idea Adam Paulin is looking to raise $15,000 to complete the development of the Thin Ice production model.

The Thin Ice insole. Image credit: Thin Ice

The Thin Ice insole. Image credit: Thin Ice

Thin Ice is technologically enhanced apparel that helps lose weight by hacking the metabolism process. By simulating specific colder regions, it tricks the body into thinking it’s in a colder environment than it actually is. This triggers a series of physiological responses taking the metabolism process into overdrive. Based on his prototypes and scientific literature, Adam is confident that Thin Ice users would be able to burn between 500 and 1000 calories a day.

Image credit: Thin Ice.

Image credit: Thin Ice.

The Thin Ice insole and vest functions by targeting different body parts with high thermoreceptor concentration. By alerting the body to the presence of cold, these neural receptors trigger a metabolic response that generates heat in the core of the body. As the blood gets warmed up in the core, it gets pumped all the way to the

Image credit: Thin Ice

Image credit: Thin Ice

Discussing the scientific background of this heat generation process, Adam says, “The bodily pathway responsible for this heat generation is called the Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) pathway. This pathway basically functions as your body’s internal thermostat. Even in room temperature, roughly 50% of your daily calories are burnt for no other reason than to keep your body at a comfortable temperature.”

Thin Ice users will be able to connect with their smart devices via Bluetooth. Along with the Thin Ice app, any Smartphone can be used to change the clothing temperature to suit the user’s comfort level; track calories burnt per second, and activate the devices by setting a delayed onset timer.

The minimum funding requirement to get Thin Ice to the market is $15,000. Adam Paulin has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise this amount. All funds received via Indiegogo will be spent to:

– Finish development and deliver the product faster.

– Run trials that will help quantify the results of the product.

– Start aggressive marketing of the brand globally

It is also important to note here that 5% of raised funds will be spent on the direct purchase of food that will be fed to hungry children around the world. To find out more about this campaign, visit

Source: Thin Ice/Indiegogo

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