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Social Butterfly? Why Online Classes Are Right for You

Posted August 17, 2015

From your earliest days on Earth, when you grinned big toothless smiles at strangers from your stroller, you have loved people. If “people person” had its own spot in the dictionary, your photo would be next to it. But now that you are considering college, you might be wondering what school is best for you. While you may be pondering a local school you can attend with your besties or traveling out of state to broaden your horizons, an online school may be best for your outgoing personality. Here are a few reasons why:

It Helps You Stay Focused

In college, you need to get as much out of each class as possible. There are a lot of other students and the professor may not have as much time to answer questions or go over anything you may have missed during the lecture. This means you need to focus. Traditional colleges also offer extracurricular activities that may distract you from your studies. However, because of the way online classes are structured, it can be easier for extroverts to concentrate on the lessons. When it’s time to learn, you can focus on your computer and listen to the lectures without a lot of distractions.

It Broadens Your Horizons

If you are concerned that there is a limited selection of online classes, rest assured that there are as many online options as you can find in brick-and-mortar universities. For example, if you want to earn a degree in Arts and Humanities, College Online offers information and leads on over two dozen related degrees, including animation, graphic design, interior design and philosophy. College Online also lets you enter in some basic information about your academic interests and what type of degree you want to earn, and then helps connect you with online schools that offer those types of classes.

It Allows Plenty of Interaction

Even though online classes are typically completed from the comfort of your own home, it does not mean that you are a passive learner with limited interaction with your classmates and teacher. On the contrary, according to Psych Central, you can get to know your fellow students and professor even better than if you were sitting in a regular classroom. Online classes require that you are engaged in the lessons, and you have ample opportunities to post questions and contribute ideas to the discussions. Most online courses also include message boards where you can connect with other students from all over the country and expand your circle of friends.

It Is Cheaper

In many cases, earning an online degree is a lot less expensive than a four-year brick-and-mortar college. Even if you find that tuition is about the same, you don’t have the added expenses of room and board at a dorm or nearby apartment and transportation to and from class. By saving on your online college degree, you have more money left over for other things in life, like going out and having fun with your friends.


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