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Six-degrees-of-freedom vibration machine

Posted August 12, 2015

Sandia National Laboratories six-degrees-of-freedom vibration machine research team member Kevin Cross, second from right, adjusts accelerometer cables on a block head test item as, from left, Davinia Rizzo, David Smallwood and Norman Hunter watch. The team is working with a new type of large vibration machine capable of shaking test items in multiple directions simultaneously. The block head is a dynamically active structure designed to challenge the team’s ability to control a complex system.


Photo by Randy Montoya.

Vibration machines are crucial to test the forces that make things fall apart in the bumpy real world, from small components to complete systems like airplanes or nuclear weapons. The machines are important to the aerospace and automotive industries, and have been in use since their invention in Germany in the late 1920s.

Source: Sandia Labs via Flickr

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