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Shower With 70% Of Water Savings

Posted August 12, 2015

Nebia is a fully self-installed shower system with an adjustable bracket and a portable wand. Nebia atomizes water into millions of tiny droplets with 10 times more surface area than a regular shower. It uses 70% less water than a typical household showerhead.


The Head built from a high density polymer with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), delivers the perfect frame to nest the H2MICRO™  nozzles. With head rotation up to 45°, the head creates a whole new degree of versatility.


Atomizing nozzles use pressure and geometry to control the dispersion and break up of fluid streams. Regular shower nozzles produce a straight stream of water with large droplets, atomizing nozzles produce 100s of droplets dispersed into precise patterns.


Nebia comprises an array of specialized nozzles, each individually focused on warming and rinsing various regions of your body. You can choose a Strength mode with a higher velocity spray with slightly larger droplet sizes—yielding larger momenta.

5-1823672aa8b14870931e0b2312b1b2ea_originalNebia’s greater dispersion of droplets yields a larger volume of air surrounded by—and intermixed with—warm droplets of water. Therefore, the warm droplets heat a larger volume of air faster and more efficiently.

At any given cross-section of air between the nozzles and you, it comprises 100s more droplets dispersed over 5 times the area compared to a regular shower. It means that water completely surrounds and gets you wet all while using 70% less water.


  1. A shower that exits from the wall (not from the ceiling)
  2. Water supply at 5 feet from the floor or more.
  3. The following shower measurements:


Measure the distance from the floor of your shower to the NPT outlet and make sure it’s a minimum of 5 feet (i.e., where your shower head connects to the wall).

  • >6 inches from NPT (where your shower head connects to the wall) to the ceiling of your shower
  • >24 inches from NPT faucet or shower handle.
  • >35 PSI water pressure
  • >115°F water temperature

It does not require a plumber or breaking bathroom tiles.

The project campaign is on the Kickstarter and already has reached its funding goal of $100.000, the early bird pricing are gone, but you can still get it for $299, an estimated delivery is on May of 2016.



Source: Kickstarter 



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