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SelfieBot: special gadget to make selfies even easier

Posted August 11, 2015

On the 10-th of August Russian startup Endurance present SelfieBot, device which helps your mobile devices make video calls, selfie video and photos easier. Now you do not have to carry a phone or tablet to make a video call or selfie video.

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According to the founder of the company George Fomitchev, it is a very useful gadget both for home applications and business as well. One of the main features of the prototype is a ‘follow me’ function, enabling automatic tracking of user’s position. In this way device adds new dimensions to your mobile camera abilities transforming your gadget into a smart machine.

SelfieBot may convert your mobile device into a WiFi camera or a remote baby sitter. When purchasing the device (provided that the sufficient funding for the development is obtained) you get a new dock for you mobile device with a wireless charger option. Dock also acts as an external power bank.

Developers say they are still improving smart functions such as follow me during a conference call, so wider functionality can be expected in the future, possibly by firmware or software upgrades.

Endurance is inviting everyone who likes robotics to support a young entrepreneur team. They are raising 20 000 USD to produce 100 “beta” units and ship them to all of the initial contributors. The number of shipped units can be extended if required financial goals are met.

smart holder

Development plans include making a user-friendly transparent software interface compatible with iOS, Windows Mobile. Current version is already available for Android. A bigger cradle (holder) to carry 10-12 inch tablets is also included in the roadmap. “We plan to create a special protocol that will allow the mobile holder getting all the telemetry and move SelfieBot without using transparent buttons”, says George Fomitchev.

“We also plan to create an additional software to make SelfieBot in combination with a mobile device a more sophisticated WiFi camera. We will also add infrared diodes to give the night vision to your camera so that you can skype at night without turning any other lights on.”

Brief technical specifications of the device:

1. Makes video calls

2. Infrared lightning during evening and night time; Illumination sensor included.

3. Turn after you: “Follow me” function

4. Wireless mobile charger

5. External power bank with 2600 mAh 7.4 V battery; autonomous working time: 4+hours;

6. Automated turn-on / off function

7. Can operate from AC, battery, USB

8. Rotates in 2 axes (two degrees of freedom); Moment of force: 10 Kg/sm; MaxRotation speed: 0.16 seconds 60 degrees

9. Smart dock for your mobile device

10. Operates via Bluetooth (Bluetooth module HC-06); Microcontroller – ATmega 328)

11. iOS / Windows / Android compatible

12. Additional holder for GoPro cameras

Source: Indiegogo

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