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Weather Point 2.0 – weather station on your keychain

Posted June 29, 2015

How do you know what weather it is going to be after five minutes? How do you know if your nice afternoon hike will not end prematurely because of strong storm that you did not anticipate? Most of people rely on weather forecasts they saw on the news or, even more commonly, displayed on the screen of their smartphone. However, nothing beats measuring important parameters yourself, right there right now. That is what the Weather Point 2.0 is for.

Weather Point 2.0 is a compact weather station that fits in your pocket, yet still can measure temperature, humidity, UV radiation and atmospheric pressure. Image source: Kickstarter

Weather Point 2.0 is a compact weather station that fits in your pocket, yet still can measure temperature, humidity, UV radiation and atmospheric pressure. Image source: Kickstarter

It is extremely compact keychain weather station. Do not let these small dimensions fool you – it is very functional device, which allows you to have most accurate weather measurements on very current locations. Despite its size, it works as a thermometer, humidity meter, UV index and atmospheric pressure meter.

That is right – at any given moment, regardless of where you are, you can know temperature, pressure, UV and humidity measurements. You may think, you can easily reach weather information online with your smartphone at any given time. However, measurements on the internet will never be precisely accurate for your current location and internet connection is not always available. In fact, it is unavailable when weather information is needed the most – hiking, cycling, hunting or fishing deep in the wilderness of nature. However, smartphone is needed for Weather Point 2.0 to perform its function.

The device and all its sensors are placed in a durable waterproof housing made from plastic, aluminium and titanium. It connects to your smart device through a standard four pole audio jack. Weather Point 2.0 sensors send an audio signal through the audio jack – the amplitude of the signal is varied according to the actual readings. Then the software reads these measurements and presents temperature, humidity, UV radiation and atmospheric pressure on the screen of your device. It will also show your current altitude, according to measurements of atmospheric pressure.

All of this useful information will be presented through a special application seconds after you plug the Weather Point into your device. And you do not need to worry about batteries either – Weather Point 2.0 does not have a battery, all sensors are passive and it only uses a tiny bit of your smart device’s charge.

Its cute, compact and elegant design makes it rather a nice device to have. Weather Point 2.0 comes with a key ring so that you could always have it by hand. And if you are thinking that such information is not needed for most people, as weather forecasts are easily available for the most of time, you will be surprised by current popularity of Weather Point 2.0.

Currently its Kickstarter campaign page has even 268% of its original $25,000 goal already funded and is one of the most popular projects on the website. It looks like a portable weather station that fits in your pocket is thought to be a handy device for many people.

Source: Kickstarter

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