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App Platform For Your Car

Posted June 23, 2015

Conrod is programmable connected app platform for your car, gives an ability to customize how you interact with your car. With it you can re-configure your steering wheel buttons, set smart speed alerts, roll your windows from your smartphone, and etc. You can write your own apps to control and customize your car, or download apps from the Conrod App Store.


Conrod is a hardware device that connects directly into your vehicle’s control network, allowing you to access and control almost every component in your car. It interfaces to your car using the VW CAN Bus platform (every major vehicle system throughout the car communicates over the CAN Bus), and it is able to decode and manipulate those messages to change the way your car operates.

Conrod can function as on-board Cellular modem which connects your car to the internet from anywhere you’ve got 3G coverage. For situations where 3G connectivity is not available, it can connect to your smartphone using its Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

You can add the optional 3.2″ full colour touchscreen display to output vehicle data and other information without needing a smartphone. The Conrod Display comes in a self-contained case with GoPro mounting points.

Included Apps


Fuel Economy Tracker

The way you drive has a large impact on your fuel burn. Conrod can track fuel consumption with data such as acceleration and RPM, showing you areas to improve in.



It also features GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors which allow you to make more informed decisions about your fuel usage.

Logic Blocks provides you with access to all of Conrod’s IO, including vehicle data, on-board sensors (GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope) and internet connectivity. It’s free to distribute your own apps on the Conrod App Store, and anyone with Conrod can install your apps simply by selecting them using the Conrod configuration application on their iOS or Android smartphone.

Conrod is fully Arduino compatible and the board is the ultimate hardware platform for in-car applications. If you don’t want access to any of Conrod’s great software features in your application you can simply re-flash the board with your own custom code. The Conrod firmware is always freely available to download should you wish to revert your Conrod board to standard operation in the future.


With OBD2 you can read basic engine data and in some cases check and reset engine light and service warnings. If you want to read data about non-engine systems, or actually control any of your car’s systems, then CAN (or Car/Controller Area Network) comes to help. CAN is how most vehicle manufacturers connect all the electronic components in the car, from engine management to window switches, central locking, entertainment systems and steering wheel controls.

Tech Specs



The project campaign is active on the Kickstarter and the early bird price is AUD $249. An estimated delivery is on December of 2015.



Source: Kickstarter


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