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Nanoform – disk with your memories that will last millenniums

Posted June 22, 2015

Preserving memories is a big part of our lives. As technologies were moving forward, people moved from simple pictures to digital means of storage of precious data, but none of these things are completely reliable. Photos fade out, disks get damaged, hard drives have about 30-year lifespan at best and clouds are not so safe either. So what do you do if you want to preserve your memories forever? Now there is a solution.

Nanoform is an elegant solution to preserving memories – information is engraved into a disk of synthetic sapphire, which can withstand heat, cold, water, acid and the course of time.

Nanoform is an elegant solution to preserving memories – information is engraved into a disk of synthetic sapphire, which can withstand heat, cold, water, acid and the course of time.

Nanoform is a disk like no other. It is meant to save your memories and valuable information forever as other means are not perfect. How can creators claim that it will endure the course of time? Simple – it is made from the hardest synthetic material known to human kind – synthetic sapphire.

The disk is not afraid of water, which would ruin most hard drives and other electronics, acid and scratches that would leave usual discs ruined, or even cold and heat. And creators of the Nanoform did not joke around when testing their product against heat – sapphire disk as well as information on it survived heat of 1 343.9 degrees Celsius. It can endure heat of lava, as they say, so if the worst happens and house is destroyed by fire, Nanoform disk will remain the only thing left unscathed.

Information is imprinted analogically – it is not transferred into codes and then digitally burned into the disk. This tiny laser-engraved disk is a work of art itself, since you can actually see what is preserved in it. About 2500 pages of text or pictures can be stored on an 8 inch size disk. Because information is visible, Nanoform will become an art piece in your house. Or, because there can be different sizes of Nanoform, you can wear it as an accessory.

All pictures and pages are shrunk 30,000 times (that is over 170 times in each direction) and engraved with a high-precision laser between two thin sapphire wafers using high-precision photolithography technology. Manufacturing process takes place in a clean room environment so that nothing, not even a spec of dust, interferes with your data. Two sapphire disks are then fused together without any glue – they remain transparent and your information is extremely safe for millenniums. When information is written at the smallest size, every character has a height of 10 microns, which is smaller than thickness of the human hair.

You may wonder how you can access this information when text is so small and pictures, although visible, are still very tiny. Well, since the methods to preserve the information in the disk are analogue, so are some of the methods to see it. In some cases a simple powerful magnifying glass would do the job, but other devices work better. Such as camera with a macro-lens – you can take the picture and information will be easily accessed in your screen. A high-resolution scanner would work just as well, but you can also use a digital microscope – both of them are not very expensive devices nowadays.

This seems to an ideal way to preserve important memories forever. It is a perfect fusion of futuristic and analogue – artificial sapphire is a second hardest material after diamond, and engraving process is very hi-tech, but final product is just tiny pictures you can see with a magnifying glass.

Being so strong and permanent makes it a very good gift, especially having in mind wearable options of the Nanoform. Currently it is doing pretty good on its Kickstarter page and already has 32 % of its € 43,000 pledged goal already funded with 26 left. Since it is an elegant and indestructible solution for saving our memories, we suspect it will not take long for the project Fahrenheit 2451 (after the temperature it endured in the tests) to reach its goals and homes of many people.

Source: Kickstarter

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