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Fukushima Experimental Offshore Floating Wind Farm Project Second Phase Update

Posted June 22, 2015
7MW Oil Pressure Drive-Type Floating Wind Turbine "Fukushima Sinpuu"

7MW Oil Pressure Drive-Type Floating Wind Turbine “Fukushima Sinpuu”

A consortium comprised of Marubeni (project integrator), the University of Tokyo (technical advisor), Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan Marine United, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, Hitachi, Furukawa Electric, Shimizu, and Mizuho Information & Research, has been participating in an experimental offshore floating wind farm project sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry since March 2012.

Assembly works of the 7MW oil pressure drive-type wind turbine, which is the world’s largest scale one, on the three-column semi-sub floater at Onahama port has been successfully completed and delivery of the floater to testing area is going to start shortly as part of the second term.

1. Outline of construction works in the second term:
– Assembly and setting of 7MW oil pressure drive-type and 5MW downwind-type floating
wind turbines, delivery of the facilities to the testing area, and connection to the undersea cable.
– Operation & Maintenance of the facilities
– Data acquisition and analysis.

2. Work progress to date:
<7MW oil pressure drive-type floating wind turbine>
– Preceding works i.e. installation of chains, anchors and undersea cables at the testing area has been successfully completed.
– Delivery of the three-column semi-sub floater from Nagasaki to Onahama port has been successfully completed.
– Installation of 7MW oil pressure drive-type floating wind turbine on the floater at Onahama port has been successfully completed.

<5MW downwind-type floating wind turbine>
– Procurement of chains and anchors, and production of high-voltage riser cable have been successfully completed.
– Parts procurement and construction of 5MW downwind-type floating wind turbine is in progress.

3. Next Step
The following activities need to be completed to start operation of the power facilities:
– Schedule will be changed depending on the meteorological and sea conditions

Source: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

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