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Wireless WiFi Portable Sound System

Posted June 16, 2015

AxiomAir is a wireless Wifi portable sound system that plays loud and clean, can be controlled from any device. It creates its own hotspot so you can take the speaker to the beach, pool, or campfire. You  can stream music directly from your phone or use the interface to play songs on a USB drive. Songs are played high-res up to 24/192 – without compression. It also allows to connect multiple people at the same time.


AxiomAir uses a Wi-Fi network instead of Bluetooth, so high-resolution sound can be played without compression and you can have more than one user at a time, or have them all over your home controlled from any device on your network. AxiomAir broadcasts its own network for you to connect to, so if you’ve got a separate hard drive on your network with your high-resolution music files, you can easily access it from AxiomAir network.


Behind the speaker there is Raspberry Pi micro computer with open sourced Linux based operating system. Any developer can write an app for the Raspberry Pi and if a new features are created, you can update AxiomAir from a user interface.

The project is fully backed on the Kickstarter and already have reached its funding goal of $75.000. The early bird price is $475 and estimated delivery is on October of 2015.



Source: Kickstarter


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