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Solar-Powered Palm Trees

Posted June 16, 2015

There are only two Smart Palms installed in Dubai right now, but there are plans to roll out a further 103 across Dubai. In addition to Wi-Fi and device charging, it provides local info, directions, seating and shade. Touchscreenson the Smart Palms shows news, weather and can also provide directions to local places, as well as public transport options.


The Smart Palms are powered by 13.8 sq m of photo-voltaic panels which have an efficiency of over 21 percent. You can recharge your device in charging station which is capable of replenishing batteries 2.5 times faster than your home charger.

The trees provide free Wi-Fi with a range of over 100 m and have eight charging ports each. Selfie cameras allow users to take self-portrait photos at the Smart Palm locations.


The Smart Palms are monitored, each featuring a 360º infrared CCTV camera and an emergency button to help keep users safe.



Source: Smart Palm


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