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UV Light To Clean Your Kitchen

Posted June 15, 2015

UVe is a self-driving countertop companion that uses UV light to disinfect surfaces. UV light is used as a disinfectant in hospitals, laboratories, and drinking water treatment facilities.



UVe explores its surroundings, records its path and the obstacles it encounters along the way. It knows when it’s reached the edge of the countertop. It learns the terrain and calculates efficient routes to cover the maximum area as many times as possible before the end of its cleaning cycle.



When its cycle is complete, UVe finds its way back home on its own to recharge. UVe’s germicidal lamp is generally safe, it is built to shut off the instant it’s lifted off a surface.

Tech specs:

  • Smart ledge detection & responsive navigation
  • ABS polymer & aluminum construction
  • Low-pressure, fused quartz UVC lamp
  • 3 hours to full charge
  • Configurable cleaning cycles (1-hour, 2-hour, & 4-hour)
  • Failsafe Mode sends UVe back to the charging dock in the unlikely event that the battery falls below 10%



This project campaign is on the Kickstarter and super early bird pricing are already gone, but you can still get it for $89. An estimated delivery is on November of 2015.



Source: Kickstarter


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