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New Solar Technology For The Underground Park

Posted June 15, 2015

The Lowline will use new solar technology to transform an old underground terminal into the world’s first underground park featuring live plants and trees. Right below Delancey Street in the center of NYC there is an old trolley station, which might be transformed into a beautiful public gathering space. The first step is the construction of an  Lowline Lab, a long-term solar device testing laboratory and public exhibition to test and display tech and design vision.

The design team has developed early images of what the future Lowline could look like:


The Lowline will add a new football-field-sized public space in a community, it would be inspiring for citizens and visitors to enjoy. 2-06644a4f835217d6616591849a7c27c3_original

The plan is to collect sunlight on the rooftops surrounding the Lowline, before using efficient mirrors to reflect that light down to the street level, and direct it underground via tubes. This technology directs light into underground that could power many different kinds of plant species, almost like in a botanical garden.


Will the solar tech work, and will plants really grow and will it be a popular public space? To answer, the team plans a long-term testing exhibition called the Lowline Lab, and it needs $200,000 to be built. The project campaign is on the Kickstarter.



Source: Kickstarter


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