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Fingerprint Smart Lock

Posted June 12, 2015

Ola is keyless and phoneless fingerprint smart lock, which unlocks your door in less than a second. It incorporates fingerprint sensor FPC1020AM and Bluetooth connectivity to register your fingerprint. It integrates one set of 4 AA batteries, which is the equivalent of two years of normal use. In case of an emergency, you can power it with a micro USB.



The fingerprint sensor utilizes a radio frequency signal to scan the pattern under the surface of the skin. A fake fingerprint has no pattern under the surface, so this radio frequency technology saves from someone who may copy your fingerprints.

You can also share access with friends and family, either with a Bluetooth key or by registering their fingerprint. Also you can schedule temporary keys for visitors or guests.


The project campaign is on the Kickstarter. The early bird pricing are gone, but you can still get it for $159, and estimated delivery is on March of 2016.



Source: Kickstarter


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