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How app technology facilitates medical breakthroughs

Posted June 10, 2015

There have been numerous advances in technology during the last decade or two. Pretty much every household now has a decent internet connection and a computer that serves as a capable data processing machine. The good news is, the trend doesn’t seem to be taking a downward turn, and this is probably not going to change in the future. As time goes on, technology is going to be even more capable than it is nowadays, so consumers will have the opportunity to get more and more bang for their hard-earned money.

All of this makes for a fantastic opportunity for medical researchers. They can now harness the unused computer resources of the masses – they just need to opt into the researching program and download the software. One such example is [email protected] What this does is quite simple. Every single moment you’re not using your computer’s resources to the fullest, the program uses them for the purposes of data processing and scientific research.

You might think this will slow down your computer, but this is actually not the case since the emphasis is on using your computer’s processing power in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct the user’s experience and pretty much remains unnoticed. How many times do you run off to do other things while your computer remains turned on and doing virtually nothing? People do this rather often, and it’s one of the perfect opportunities to donate that computing power for the benefit of scientific research.

The beautiful thing is that it costs you absolutely nothing to do, so when you need your computer’s full processing power again, the app will just fade away to the background. As more and more people decide to donate their idle processing power, medical researchers will be well on their way to discovering a cure for widespread ailments, such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, much faster than thought to be possible.

As a matter of fact, a team of researchers at George Mason University have created a project called Computer Against Alzheimer’s Disease, which utilises all the benefits of idle processing discussed in this article. Because a lot of computers are working on the data simultaneously, the combined power of these computers leads to achieving the final result much faster; the workload is chopped up into smaller fragments and distributed amongst the army of computers all working towards the good cause.

This enables researchers to save money on resources since they don’t have to be spent on processing power, and the processed data comes back much faster, securely transmitted to the cloud for the researchers to analyse and review.

To conclude, this new technology is basically a win-win for everyone involved. By donating their unused computing power, people can get access to new cures and treatments much faster than otherwise possible, and researchers can do their jobs much more efficiently while saving a lot of money.

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