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A Fast Charging Portable Battery Pack

Posted June 10, 2015

LumoPack can be charged at 140 watts–that’s 14-28 times more than standard battery packs (5-10 watts). After 9 minutes of charging, LumoPack stores enough power for a full smartphone charge. LumoPack’s battery only needs 30 minutes for a full charge (6000 mAh).


The LumoPack battery cell allows it to sustain high charging speeds without risking cycle life. (Battery Cycle Life refers to the number of complete charges & discharges before the battery falls below 80% of original storage capacity).The standard batteries today last about 300-500 cycles, the LumoPack can sustain 1000 charge cycles.


LumoPack batteries are coated with a special material known as Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOF). The company has developed a special combination of materials that can enhance a Lithium-ion battery’s capacity, power, and longevity. MOF material used in the LumoPack focuses on the LiCoO2 cathode. The material is used for an advanced form of coating and doping in order to enhance the stability and performance in Lithium-ion batteries. This advanced coating works as a protective and scavenging layer, which results in significant fast charging capabilities and increased cycle performance.

The project is already backed on the Kickstarter and has reached its funding goal of $50.000, the early bird pricing is already gone, but you can pick it up for $79 and estimated delivery is on October of 2015.



Source: Kickstarter 

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