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5 Ways to Turn Your Smartphones into Credit Card Readers

Posted June 8, 2015
Mobile payment reader. Image credit: Gary Stevens, Hosting Canada (published with permission)

Mobile payment reader. Image credit: Gary Stevens, Hosting Canada (published with permission)

Every successful business have turned to credit card among the payment options as it adds to the value of business and also encourages buyer to shop more and safely. Moreover Credit card acceptance at the POS gives any business a more authentic outlook.

For this reason, it is advisable for growing businesses to add credit card readers to their checkouts if they already don’t have one since it has been made easier than ever owing to miniature peripheries which can be carried around in pocket and turns any smartphone into a credit card reader.

Mobile credit card readers offers the retailers with ease of creating an account linked with their reader machine which transfers the funds to that account on the swipe of the card of consumers at nominal fees. Small and Medium businesses can adopt any of the following 5 awesome ways to turn their smartphones into card readers and accept payments through credit cards.

  1. Square

Square is the market leader and premiere service provider for mobile credit card reader. It works as easy as click of the mouse or tap of your phone. Retailers have to sign up for square on their official website and the tiny mobile attachable card reader machine is delivered to them free of cost. Machine offers multi-platform support and starts working as soon as the app is downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. Square app also offers number of customization options for categorizing customers managing registers through a very user friendly app.

  1. Pay Anywhere

Pay anywhere is a great multiplatform credit card reader which also happens to offer free card reader to those who sign up for an account. Pay anywhere distinguishes itself with rugged hardware, swift transactions, extensive support and daily transaction reports being mailed to account holders.

  1. Go Payment

An app by a leading financial services providers- Intuit compatible with iOS only. Unlike its counterparts, the card reader device needs to be purchased however, transaction fees are competitive. It adds Intuits finance management functionalities like, linking the bank account through Intuit’s renown QuickBook app, easy transaction control and a lenient refund policy.

  1. PayPal Here

Nothing adds more value to the business than affiliation with a recognized brand and what else could be more convenient than having PayPal’s name that has been appreciated by upto 165.2million customers. PayPal card reader also ships free of cost and offers widest range of compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It also offers the option to accept cheques and credit cards buy taking their pictures in the app.

  1. iZettle

One of the most secure multiplatform card reader with the ability to read chip cards. The app doesn’t save any sensitive financial data and data transfer is also encrypted. The reader is purchased at initial price of £20 which can be redeemed later.

Other Options

With the fast growing market, advancements in mobile payment industries have cropped up more convenient payment methods which rid costumers of even swiping their cards. For example, Boloro is an NFC based mobile payment solution which enables its users to make payment by tapping their NFC Smartphone near Boloro enabled checkout counter, this initiates transmission of modulated message containing information about user’s wallet account which gets credited by the checkout machine.

Author’s Bio: This article was written by Syed Irfan.  He is a serial entrepreneur, a columnist and a certified inbound marketer.

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