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Best Tech to Save You Time and Frustration

Posted June 5, 2015

Life can get crazy when you have to fit in appointments, social and family obligations and expectations from work; it’s difficult to find time for everything. All of these commitments lead to frustration and impatience. However, sometimes being impatient pays off when you figure out how to get more done in a shorter time span.

But, to make the most of your time, you need some help. Here is some of the best technology for saving you time:


It’s important to have a smartphone that fits your busy lifestyle. While some phones sacrifice their battery life for larger screens and better cameras, you don’t have to opt for a smartphone that takes hours to charge. For example, the Google Nexus 6 is perfect if you are an on-the-go, out-of-the-office kind of person who doesn’t have time to charge your phone every few hours. This phone has a larger battery for a longer life, and can get a 6-hour charge from just 15 minutes of being plugged in. That’s shorter than your commute to a job site or to pick up the kids from school.

Hands-free Tech

While smartphones are great time savers on their own, there are some accessories that can make them even more time efficient. If you do a lot of driving, Bluetooth headsets are a must have so you can drive and talk at the same time without risking your safety.

In addition, use a speech-to-text app to dictate your email and text messages to your phone. In conjunction with your Bluetooth headset, a great dictation app can help you answer texts and emails while driving or doing other habitual tasks.

Social Media Management

Social media can easily take up a lot of your time because you have to find what’s trending, create new content or media and post it to the right platform. There is a lot to keep up on. So, when it comes to managing your social media accounts, use a social media management tool like Hootsuite to help you schedule posts, find related topics, track analytics and save time. Because you do everything from one dashboard, you can see all of your accounts and engagement at once, and you can schedule out new posts and content without having to flip back and forth between platforms.

Household Chores

The last thing you want to do when you get home from work is spend your evening cleaning. Luckily, robot vacuums are a great way to save you time on household chores. All you have to do is make sure medium-sized objects are off the floor, and then turn on the vacuum. With a sensor that tells the robot where it has vacuumed, it makes one pass around your house before docking itself in the charging bay.

There are different kinds of vacuums for different needs. For instance, there is one for hardwood floors, one designed especially for pet owners and one for allergenics. While this gadget helps you save time, it is pricey, so it’s important to do some homework before making a decision.

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