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The Smallest Weather Station

Posted May 13, 2015

Weather Point is a small gadget compatible with mobile devices that serves as a thermometer, humidity meter, UV index & atmospheric pressure meter. This gadget allows you to carry it and use anywhere and anytime – that means you have your own personal weather station. Weather Point supports iOS, Android and Windows.


It has four sensors and is built into a standard four pole audio jack. It is made from aluminum and titanium. These four sensors sends an audio signal which than reduce the signal amplitude witch depends on the actual readings. The software is using the calculation of the matching temperature, humidity, UV radiation and atmospheric pressure, and shows these information on the screen of your device.


Weather Point doesn’t use a battery or internet connection. It is powered by your device battery and doesn’t consume a lot of energy. By measuring atmospheric pressure the App will inform you about your current altitude.


With this gadget you’ll have have your own personal weather station. That’s great news to lot of people, who like outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, hunting or fishing – because you don’t need internet connection.

We rely on weather forecasts and apps – where the temperature values come from weather stations that can be a lot of miles away. That means they are not always correct. Nothing beats measuring the values yourself right where you are.

The project is already backed on the Kickstarter and already reached its funding goal of $15.000, the early bird pricing has already gone, but you can still pick up for $25. An estimated delivery is on August of 2015.

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 57mm x 10mm
  • Weight: aluminum 11grams, titanium 17grams
  • 4 passive sensors
  • Power: No battery needed



Source: Kickstarter


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