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RC Pterodactyl – dinosaur that flies and screeches

Posted April 29, 2015

It is rare for technology and science news websites to talk about latest toys especially if they are not branded as ‘smart’. However, some of new toys are so incredibly cool and technologically advanced that they must me mentioned here. For example, a flying RC  dinosaur, which can not only provide you with entertainment an joy of flying a toy, but can also help prank unsuspecting strangers.

Pterodactyl comes in several different colours, one of which is this brown to make it look just a little bit more realistic.

Pterodactyl comes in several different colours, one of which is this brown to make it look just a little bit more realistic.

It is your own personal flying Pterodactyl. It is a flying toy that can be easily distinguished from other flying RC toys. This one is shaped like an actual dinosaur and as no propellers and visible engines. RC flying Pterodactyl is an ornithopter, which means it is flying by moving its wings up and down, mimicking the flight of the birds.

It has a range of 500 metres and can keep flying for 15-20 minutes on a single charge. You will not need to change batteries, as it is equipped with rechargeable ones. Batteries are easy to change, so while you do not have to wait for it to charge. Furthermore, despite being completely unconventional flying toy, it is said to be pretty easy to fly and land. However, if accident does happen eventually (and it probably will), fixing it should not be a big problem. Pterodactyl has ‘pop off’ joints that make replacing parts really easy.

Flight is controlled through foot rudder control system. It leaves only flapping to the big wings and steering the Pterodactyl for the flaps on its feet. When both of these flaps are in their upper position, the toy will fly upwards, when they are down – downwards. Same principle works for steering from side to side – one of the flaps is in downwards position and another is lifted and Pterodactyl will fly to the direction of a lifter flap. Simple, yet creative solution makes it really easily controlled even for inexperienced with RC toys.

The dinosaur itself is made from polyfoam. Its wingspan is a little over 1.5 metres and tt is said to have a very sturdy and durable construction, which also provides excellent wind resistance. It can be ordered in different colours – red, green, blue and brown, which is supposed to look more natural colour of the pterodactyl. You can also buy a camera harness to record your flights and share videos with your friends on preferred social media. However, Pterodactyl should be fun even when not flying – stand, which looks like legs, should be an impressive way to display your dinosaur when not playing with it.

You know what is the feature of Pterodactyl that its creators are most proud of? It is its realistic sound effects. They are activated by a press of a button on the controller, but they are made by the Pterodactyl itself, which makes it a great tool for scaring people. It is realistic and scary screech, which will make it not only look, but also sound like you are in the Jurassic park movies.

Despite your age and what people will say about your maturity, flying your own pterodactyl is one of the coolest ways to spend your free time. RC flying toys are always fun, but there are not many ornithopters, which makes it a desirable item.  Currently Kickstarter page to launch this toy into production has 107 % of its original $ 30,000 goal already funded, which means that our skies will be once again ruled by flocks of dinosaurs. Cool.

Source: Kickstarter

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