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An open source Wi-Fi development board

Posted April 28, 2015

Oak is tiny, Arduino compatible development board with built-in Wi-Fi and a secure cloud-powered platform. It uses a 32-bit microcontroller running at 80Mhz (overclockable to 160Mhz) which is contained in a custom Digistump made MCU and 802.11b/g/n WiFi module.


The board is programmable using a RootCloud IDE or Arduino IDE. You can use many existing Arduino libraries and compile your code in the cloud or locally. It is even ready to use with Arduino compatible tools like Visual Micro and Ino.

All programming and serial style debugging is wireless. Upload wirelessly from RootCloud IDE, the REST API, the command line, or the Arduino IDE! (If you really want to you can upload via Serial as well).

The Oak and RootCloud use industry standard encryption to talk to each other. The device communications, the code uploads, the REST API, and even the IDE and dashboards – is encrypted.


The Specs:

  • 32-bit 80mhz (160mhz overclockable) microprocessor
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi radio built-in  – FCC/CE Modular Approval
  • 1MB of ROM, 64KB RAM (~300kb available for user code)
  • 512 bytes of EEPROM type storage
  • 11 Digital I/O Pins (interrupts on 10 digital pins)
  • 1 Analog Pin (Analog Read)
  • PWM on all Digital Pins (up to 6 active at a time)
  • Sleep and Deep Sleep modes for low power usage
  • Ability to read the voltage of its power source (for battery monitoring)
  • Board dimensions: 0.92in (23.4mm) x 1.18in (30mm) or about 1 sq/in

The Oak will be Open Source. It will be fully open sourced the design, firmware, libraries, API tools, and a local (Raspberry Pi ready) version of the API server.

The project is fully baked on Kickstarter, and already have reached its funding goal of $25.000. The unit price is $13 and estimated delivery is on September of 2015.



Source: Kickstarter


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