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Click & Grow Announces Affordable, Ultra-efficient Smart Farm

Posted April 27, 2015

Estonian-based Click & Grow is proud to announce the Smart Farm, a scalable, modular automated gardening system that allows consumers and professionals to effortlessly grow hundreds or even thousands of fruits, herbs and vegetables indoors, no matter the time of year.

Click-and-Grow-Smart-FarmThe Smart Farm uses cutting-edge research in plant biology for higher yields, denser growth (up to 30 percent) and more nutritious produce—all with zero pesticides, non-GMO seeds and up to 95 percent less water use compared to traditional farming methods. Featuring Click & Grow’s seed cartridges with proprietary nanotech Smart Soil growth medium (patent pending), ultra-efficient LED grow lights and electronic precision irrigation (EPI), the Click & Grow Smart Farm automatically provides plants with the perfect amount of water, light and nutrients at up to 80 percent less than the cost to set up a comparable hydroponic or aeroponic system. The Smart Farm will also feature a connected mobile app, allowing users to easily adjust growth parameters through its EPI technology to meet custom growing needs.

“Most indoor garden systems on the market require expensive, complex pumps, harsh lights, large footprints, and constant calibration of multiple expensive sensors as well as dosing with chemical fertilizers, which many consumers and professional chefs find unappealing,” said Mattias Lepp, CEO of Click & Grow, which also has an office in Palo Alto. “The Smart Farm uses new low-cost, ultra-efficient technologies to remove these hurdles, so anyone can grow hyperlocal, fresh food in their home, school, restaurant or community center with minimal management and easy scalability. The result is higher quality herbs, fruits and vegetables at a lower cost to the consumer and the environment.”

With various options, a Smart Farm can be set up to fit in any space. Click & Grow will offer a smaller freestanding enclosed unit to grow 64 plants at once on four shelves and fit a space similar to a small refrigerator unit. For heavier demands, a larger freestanding enclosed unit for the prosumer will allow people to grow as many as 250 individual plants at once. In addition to enclosed units, Click & Grow is also offering open-design Smart Farm shelves to help integrate the technology in custom spaces.

Available plants include: strawberries, tomatoes, basil, lemon balm, thyme, salad rocket, chili peppers, and stevia, with lettuce, parsley, cilantro and additional plant cartridge options currently in development. Smart Farms are available for purchase on a build-to-order basis immediately, with a three-month lead time, at and will go into production for retail distribution in early 2016.

Source: Click & Grow

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