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A Wireless Low-Power Wearable Sensor Platform

Posted April 23, 2015

MetaWear is a mini Wireless Low-Power Wearable Sensor Platform that is programmed and controlled using your Smartphone. It connects to a smart phone, tablet, or a Bluetooth Low Energy device and logs or streams 6 axis of motion data and measures acceleration, rotation, orientation, angular velocity, pressure, altitude, and temperature using an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a barometer, and a high precision temperature sensor.


MetaWear enables to gather motion data, you can analyze your football throw to find out how high and how fast you kicked that ball. You can analyze your favorite skateboard trick. This is the projects page for inspiration.

You can embed the it into your ski and see how hard you shred the mountain


You can export data at the touch of a button and analyze it. It shows you data and helps you process it with embedded filters.

The built in analytics and filters, such as low pass filters to get rid of noise, allows you to get the data that matters.


  • Bluetooth Smart wireless connection
  • Pre-certified and approved (FCC, IC, CE, TELEC)
  • Low power ARM SOC
  • 256kB Flash, 16kB RAM
  • Efficient rechargeable battery circuit with micro USB port
  • GPIOs/SPI/I2C for adding your own sensor
  • 100 mAH rechargeable lithium battery
  • Pre-loaded MetaWear firmware runs BluetoothLE stack
  • On-board LED
  • Simple Push-button
  • On-board memory for logging data
  • Approximately 100 ft wireless range
  • Approximately 3 weeks of operation on one charge
  • 6 months of idle time on one charge
  • Works out of the box with our SDK and companion mobile Apps
  • Dimensions: L 17mm x W 26mm x H 3mm


  • Android and iOS SDK (Java and Objective-C)
  • Easy to use data processing module
  • Data streaming capable
  • On-Device logging capable
  • Drivers built in for all sensor with pre-processing and filters


The project is currently on the KickStarter and already have reached the goal of $5000. The price is $55 and estimated delivery on July of 2015.


Source: KickStarter


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