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UDOO Neo – A Single Board Computer

Posted April 22, 2015

UDOO Neo is single board computer which is credit-card sized (59.3mm x 85mm) and has 2 distinct processors into one, featuring integrated Wi-Fi + BT 4.0 and motion sensors. It embeds two cores on the same processor: a powerful 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 and an exceptional 166MHz Cortex-M4 I/O real-time co-processor on the same chip.

It features a powerful Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and a Bluetooth 4.0 module – Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy – to connect to nearby objects, smart and mobile devices. You can connect it to another device via a P2P connection, regardless of whether you have a wireless access point or not. It also has a fast ethernet RJ45 (10/100 Mbps).

Udoo Neo

UDOO Neo embeds 9-axis motion sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, digital gyroscope) directly on the board. There is compatibility with analog sensors like temperature sensors, potentiometers and light resistors.

Thanks to the efficient Cortex-A9, you will be able to run both Android and Linux, and just by switching the SD Card, you can shift from Android to Linux in a flash. The kernel will be based on the Linux Kernel 3.10, and supports Android Kitkat 4.4.3. UDOO Neo is an open-source hardware project, and the team will release u-Boot and kernel sources.

UDOO Neo specs

UDOO Neo comes in two versions: UDOO Neo and UDOO Neo Basic, which has 512MB of RAM, and doesn’t have embedded motion sensors or ethernet.


The KickStarter campaign already have blasted its goal of $15.000 and the price is $49. Estimated delivery date is September of 2015.



Source: KickStarter


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