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Analysts Predict Apple Watch as the Next Big Thing in Electronics

Posted April 22, 2015
Apple Watch. Image credit: Justin14 via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 4.0

Apple Watch. Image credit: Justin14 via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 4.0

After many speculations, the much-anticipated Apple Watch is finally set to go on sale later this week in the United States and eight other countries. The initial shipping date for those who pre-ordered the smartwatch is April 24, but not all models are available to be readily dispatched. Some models will not ship until June and July of this year, due to increased global interest and limited supply that affected availability of certain models.

But in spite of these product launching kinks, it seems like the Apple Watch is a revolutionary product that could well become Apple’s biggest profit maker. Close to a million people in the US bought the smartwatch on the first day pre-ordering was made available online, and within six hours, the Apple Watch was sold out.

At present, an estimated 2.3 million Apple Watches have already been ordered, with 85 percent being Apple Watch Sport, the least pricey of all models. In China, however, the most expensive gold Apple Watch edition worth $20,000 was reportedly sold out in less than an hour. With these pre-order statistics alone, Apple Watch is deemed as the most successful smartwatch ever launched.

“My belief is that the Apple Watch product line will become Apple’s most profitable line ever, with gross margins exceeding 60 percent,” said market analyst Carl Howe from Think Big Analytics. “The core electronics modules in the expensive models are the same ones used in the Sport models, and they just don’t cost that much.” He also believes that the delay between order and delivery is Apple’s way to test the market and see what the consumers want among the 38 different models of Apple Watch.

The launch of Apple Watch is also just in time for the era of smart watches, which could soon become as ubiquitous as smartphones and tablets are these days. “I’m expecting the smartwatch to develop into a more profound way of connecting us with our digital lives than smartphones ever managed,” said Steve Ranger of ZDNet. “That’s because a smartwatch isn’t just a smartphone shrunk down and strapped to your wrist. It’s something new and different. More personal, more intimate.”

Because of the anticipated success of the Apple Watch, Apple developers like IT Craft are also reimagining iPhone apps in order to fit them into the small screen of the Apple Watch. Some apps push the user back to the corresponding iPhone app to continue. Others offer a new take on the app experience, like Target, which works through dictation in order to find your favorite products. The New York Times app offers one sentence articles for the Apple Watch, while the USA Today app displays the top five trending stories at the moment.

The Pandora app allows the smartwatch to act like a remote control for the iPhone app, so that the user can easily advance to the next song if he wants to. Because of the arrival of smart watches, app developers are bound to embrace new trends in app development, such as limited functionality and concise information.

Written by Mai Bantog

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