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Innovative Shoe That Adjusts And Expands

Posted April 20, 2015

The Shoe That Grows is the solution to this issue that bothers every parent. It is an innovative shoe that adjusts and expands up to five sizes and lasts at least 5 years. The idea for creating this innovative product was born when founder and executive director Kenton Lee noticed a little girl in Kenya wearing shoes that were way too small for her feet.


The company says a child have a pair of shoes that fit from kindergarten through 9th grade. Over 2 billion people worldwide are without access to proper footwear, suffer from soil-transmitted parasites and diseases.  The Shoe That Grows is a solution to help children protect their feet than just regular shoes, shoes that don’t fit, or no shoes at all.

The Shoe That Grows is made from leather, compressed rubber and snaps.They’re also available online for purchase for $30 and with discounts for bulk purchases. The Company is asking the public for donations of $10 a pair to contribute to this charitable effort.


Source: The Shoe That Grows


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