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Planty – smart planter uses internet to connect you with nature

Posted April 16, 2015

Smart technologies are getting deeper and deeper into our homes and lifestyle. No one is surprised by the smart kitchen appliances, wristwatches and even furniture. But it looks like one new area is about to be conquered by smart technologies as well. Recently a new smart product has been introduced to the market – it is a smart planter, which is sought to help you connect with nature.

Using Planty is easy – all functions are controlled through the smartphone app and you can monitor important parameters of the plant. All you have to do is to remember fill up the water tank.

Using Planty is easy – all functions are controlled through the smartphone app and you can monitor important parameters of the plant. All you have to do is to remember fill up the water tank.

It is called Planty. It is a smart pot, created to help take care of plants as well as connect with nature like creators of the product have said. Internet is used to create this connection. Planty connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and monitors your plants’ soil, temperature, light and water levels. All this information is sent directly to the smartphone application. If one of these parameters is not suitable for the plant, Planty will send a notification to encourage owner to adjust lighting, temperature or just water the plant. But what if you travel a lot?

One of the smartest features of the Planty is its ability to water the plant through the smartphone app. When Planty sends a notification to your smartphone app that plant needs water, all you have to do is click the button and planter will do the rest. Therefore, it is especially good for those who travel a lot – there is no need to ask neighbours to take care of the plants as they are taken care of by a smart device. Unless you forget to fill up the water tank before leaving – no one is protected from man’s forgetfulness.

Planty is even smarter when connected to other systems of the smart house. For example, if it is connected to a smart thermostat and Planty thinks that temperature is not adequate for the plant, it will adjust it automatically. Same goes with lighting – Planty can alert the Smart Switch to turn on a nearby light if plant needs more light. Everything can be controlled through the smartphone app.

The ultimate goal of the creators of the Planty is to develop smart agricultural systems and gardening. They are thinking about countries where low-cost agricultural technology innovation is greatly needed to address issues of hunger and starvation due to low crop yields. While they are still working to reach these goals, Planty is very much real and is already offered for purchase.

It does not matter, if you want to create cosy environment in your home or grow herbs for cooking, Planty might be the answer. It helps to maintain plant healthy and water it when owner is not present. Even though it has just been launched, Kickstarter campaign of the Panty already has 42 % of its $100,000 goal already funded with 37 days to go. However, if it really helps to connect with nature and if smart planters are going to become just another smart device we cannot live without we will have to wait and see.

Source: Kickstarter

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